Friday, June 30, 2006

The Ordination of Fr. Michael McCaffrey FSSP

It was the ordination of the year in the Archdiocese of Adelaide and I believe the only ordination sceduled for the year. Archbishop Philip Wilson did a good job of the Solemn Mass in what was his first Tridentine Mass ever. There was not, however, any hand kissing or gloves (on the request of His Grace), only just enough room for the prostration (due to the altar not being able to be moved back) and the throne was not to be moved to where it should have been.
It was the Feast of the Birthday of Saint John the Baptist and attendance is estimated to be around 600 with many travelling from interstate.
A number of FSSP priests and seminarians were there from US and were involved in the liturgy (there was two practices that went for over 2hours each!). The ordination itself went for nearly 3 hours.
Fr. McCaffrey celebrated his first Mass the following day in the presence of His Grace. A Solemn High Mass with some of the most beautiful vestments I have seen.
Michael prostrate during the Litany of Saints (click for larger image)
The Gospel (click for a larger image)
These were the only pics I could get my hands on, however I will post a link if anymore photos appear on the WWW. I may write more on the ordination if I find the time and urge to.


elderly_relative said...

Aaron, I think that you're being far too kind about the archbishop. To borrow a line Dr Johnson originally used about dogs and women preaching, the wonder lay not in the doing of it well but that it was done at all.
His Grace's Latin pronunciation was Anglicising rather than Latinate. His sermon was interminable and undistinguished. His insistence on lapsing in one of the bidding prayers into English (why? you ask. Because he felt like it.) remind us that he doesn't have a liturgical bone in his body.
Last but not least, interrupting the conclusion of the rite to congratulate the newly ordained, which led to half the congregation clapping and the other half freezing in embarassment. As the new pope once famously remarked, when we find ourselves clapping in church it is always ultimately ourselves that we are congratulating and God, the proper focus of our attention, who is being ignored.

aaron said...

Too true regarding the clapping. Fr. Michael McCaffrey was embarrased and so were the rest of the servers, seminarians and assisting priests that were on the sanctuary with me.

And I believe you are wrong about the prayer in English. That was not a lapse rather a planned thing, planned by Fr. McCaffrey himself. I haven't asked why though.