Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thomas Peregrinus
for all those that were asking on Sunday...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

2028CONGRESS -- 6-8th July 2007

visit for more details... registrations have just opened... available to students & young adults... official program out within days.
I keep getting comments from people I never knew who read this blog asking why I can't get back to posting... so I decided to post something... very brief.

What I'm up to:

1) Uni... trying to finish final year engineering and am the Project Manager of the HYBRID SOLAR ELECTRIC VEHICLE team. See the HSEV 2007 WEBSITE for more details. It has attracted an amount of media attention already.

2) Job search... A number of interviews and weighing up my options for 2008. It's a bit crazy that I'm likely to sign a contract before I even sit my second to last round of exams.

3) ACSA... Our conference is so big this year that we are calling it a CONGRESS. See towards2008 and the post above for more details.

So I'm praying that I get through the next 4 weeks... without failing or burning out.