Thursday, July 20, 2006

Official pics

Here are the official pics of the National Catholic Students Conference. Thanks goes to Daniel Kenny for these.

Fr. Fessio answering questions
Fr. Jordan giving an AFL football to our guest

His Grace, Archbishop Denis Hart after Solemn Vespers followed by His Grace, Archbishop Barry Hickey

Archbishop Hickey during delivering the Inaugural Archbishop Mannix Memorial Address on the conference theme How Can We Know The Way? (I’m just cut out of the pic on the left)

Some of the students that went to Mass at the Cathedral on Sunday morning

I will have some of the “unofficial” photos sent to me by early next week and I’ll be sure to post the most embarrassing ones.

I’ve decided I can’t be bothered writing an official wrap-up of the weekend. I hope you’ve read what others have had to say and I'm sure there'll be a summary in the next edition of Sentinel. I will say, however, that that talks were well-received by the students (which counted as nearly 200) as was Mass “as they do it in Rome” aka ad orientem with Gregorian chant. Most of the proceedings will be placed under resources on the ACSA website as they come to hand.

I look forward to a productive year as the President of ACSA and hope to consolidate the work done and advances made in this last year.

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