Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A night at the Priory...

I am waiting on a few pics before I post on the conference itself and a conference post will take a bit more time and level of concentration (which I don’t have right now. I must say it was a pleasure to meet many of my readers in Melbourne. Now I challenge you to comment!

This post is dedicated to Daniel and the Prior of St. Dominic’s in Camberwell. Daniel, Patrick and myself had arranged to stay two night with the OPs after the conference – to relax and get some final business done.

The OPs have a Chapter of sorts this week at Mannix College so there were only 3 others in the house on Monday night. The house can sleep 45 and all 3 other were fast asleep by the time we returned from dinner.

Below are some pictures taken that night. You can fill in the blanks of the story yourselves...

All I want to know is how someone can turn into this the next morning? Daniel is now waiting for his own STD.

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