Friday, May 05, 2006

Rumours for the ACBC

Rocco from Whispers in the Loggia has a post on the tip for the Australian Archdiocese of Canberra Goulbourn. His tip is Auxiliary Bishop Mark Coleridge of Melbourne but thats a pretty easy guess. There are a number of Adelaideans hoping it would be the Vicar General of Adelaide, Mgr David Cappo. Not for his "greatness" but to get him out of their hair!

Cappo has been appointed as the Commisioner for Mental Health by the State Labor Government and many people in politics are not happy. Reasons range from the doubling up of bureaucracy in the Ministry, to the closeness of Church/State, to the conservative Catholics who believe that it must contravene Canon Law.

Maybe more on the Cappo story down the track, but Coleridge would be a marvelous choice.

The retirement of Archbishop Frank Carroll will leave the Presidency of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference vacant (the ACBC are meeting this week). What moves will George Cardinal Pell and 'the good guys' do to consolidate their claim to the orthodoxy of Australia? Will the "faction" put up someone like Bish. Porteous (auxiliary bishop) for election or even the man himself? Or maybe a compromise will be selected like Arch. Wilson of Adelaide?

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