Sunday, May 21, 2006

thetruthdecoded is the latest initiative of the Australian Catholic Students Association. Check out the site.

Effectively it is Australia’s response to The Da Vinci Code and contains the works of local and international academics as well as video footage of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney.

George Cardinal Pell officially launched the site last Friday night with his Auxiliary Bishop Julian Porteous providing the sites introduction. Porteous, who is also the Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Renewal, said the website was “an integrated cultural, artistic, spiritual and intellectual response to the launch of The Da Vinci Code movie in Australia”.

National Patron Assoc. Prof. Tracey Rowland also provided an introduction.

Check out the site, use it as a resource, and tell friends and family. (It’s got to be worth the effort of creation!!)


JPSonnen said...

nice site! too, the cleric was il reverendissimo jospeh kramer, f.s.s.p., our rome pastor.

Joe said...

Nice site if I do say so myself.