Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update on essay

It's 6.30pm and I've written 674 words out of 1500 for my Historiographical essay for Modern French History. It's due tomorrow afternoon.

I'm comparing the work of:

Maurice Larkin. Religion, Politics and Preferment in France Since 1890: La Belle Epoque and its Legacy (1995).

John McManners. Church and State in France 1870-1914 (1972).

They are both an interesting read and the texts complement each other a great deal. McManners giving the relationship between the Church and its leaders with the State while Larkin looks at the treatment of normal, lay Catholics.

Tomorrow is also my 21st Birthday... so I'd better not have to stay up too late.

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Brian Michael Page said...

Happy birthday. Hey, I couldn't help but notice on your sidebar - FINALLY, I'm not the only one that uses the term "Low Sunday" to refer to the Sunday of Easter Octave.