Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Te Deum laudamus is an interesting blog with lots of pics on ad orientem Novus Ordo. There is a very beautiful altar and canopy! But, as I always ask, what not go "all-the-way" and do the Tridentine??

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Diane said...

Thanks for the plug.

I can answer your question. Fr. Perrone has requested the Tridentine, but was denied. Keep in mind the Archdiocese has St. Josaphat's just about 10 minutes away from Grotto and they have the Indult. I think the archdiocese did not want to set up a competitive kind of thing between the two parishes so close.

Grotto lives on to be a witness to just how beautiful a Novus Ordo can be when done the way Vatican II intended to be celebrated - with reverence and awe, latin and gregorian chant. The ad orientem posture just adds to grace and dignity of the Mass, once I realized the purpose behind it, and moreso, how it removes the person of the priest as he puts on Christ.

God Bless!