Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Essays and Exams - it's that time of the year

Ah, my darn essay is over. It was for the subject Modern France: From Revolution to Resistance. I wrote 3800 words on the situation of Catholics and the Church during the twentieth century under the Third Republic up until 1940.

Now, all I have left for the semester is five exams.

Latin: Shouldn't be too hard. It's an introductory course and was mostly revision of the Latin Dominicanus tried to teach me 7 years ago (I was an indolent student). Looks at 1) the present, future, imperfect and perfect tenses 2) masculine, feminine and neuter nouns 3) pronouns 4) questions, commands and clauses 5) relative pronouns and demonstrative pronouns. The vocab list is about 80 words long.

Heat Transfer: I'm down on my knees about this one already. It will take every ounce of knowledge out of me and will beta me to an inch of my life. It's the day after Latin and I'll probably spend the better half of the time I have left between now and next Monday studying it. I won't go into much detail but it generally looks at heat transfer through convection, radiation and conduction (we'll that's the simplified version).

Engineering & the Environment: I should be sitting this exam now, but I'm hoping to be granted a supplementary exam so I can serve at the Ordination of a friend in the Tridentine Rite. (I will post on that shortly).

Ancient Greek: Again an introductory course and for the content see above for Latin (but replace perfect tense with aorist and add definite articles). I'll probably spend a bit more time on this one than Latin as the vocab is harder to grasp because of the alphabet.

Mechatronics II: Even more boring for readers than Heat Transfer. This is basically programming Logic Controllers to do stuff – like sorting and plotting. I'm not very good at programming, but the lecturer is a champ and I should scrape through.

Ahhh, life... From the 1st of July I can look forward to a short break, the National Catholic Students Conference, and lots of beers and drinks... maybe some gin and tonic (with lime not lemon).


LYL said...

Rather you than me! (Been there, done that - civil engi/ancient Greek.)

Will pray for you though - it's a tough time as I recall.

Andrew said...

All the best for these tough sounding exams.

The only one I have is a psychology exam on Wednesday (28th). It's hard but not anything as hard as that heat transfer thing sounds like....urrggh

All the best and God bless ya