Monday, June 19, 2006

Ordination in Adelaide this weekend

Deacon Michael McCaffrey FSSP will be ordained to the priesthood in Adelaide, South Australia this Saturday at 10am local time.

He will be ordained for the Priesty Fraternity of St. Peter by His Grace Most Rev. Philip Wilson, Archbishop of Adelaide.

Michael is originally from Adelaide where he studied Medicine. He has spent the last number of months preparing him self in Canberra. It will be the first ordination at the Cathedral in a few years and the first in the Tridentine Rite in many more!

Tradional leaning priests and clergy will be flying in from around the country (and indeed the world) for the "gig".

On a personal note an examination clashed with the ordination but I will be there, having been granted a supplementary after Deacon McCaffrey wrote to the faculty on my behalf!

I will report more on the ordination, and indeed on the rubrics of the bishop in question (which should be interesting) as I will be serving at ceremony as an Acolyte.

Michael's first Mass will be celebrated at Holy Name Church, St. Peter's the following day -- a Solemn High Mass in the presence of a higher prelate to be exact.

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elderly_relative said...

I gather the Archbishop has decided, in a fit of sheer whim, that he won't wear white gloves...nor, less surprisingly, buskins...which is very tiresome of him.
A friend who's observed Bishop Bruskevitz in the US says that it's a wonderful thing to encounter a bishop who's keen to do everything properly and doesn't reserve the right to depart from the rubrics, just to show who's boss.
Why, you may be wondering, would anyone bother to undertake to do an old rite ordination and then squib bits of the ritual ? I think it's because he and people of his ilk think they're more important than the traditions they promised to observe faithfully and transmit.
But Wilson is bound to come a terrible cropper on Saturday. He's never sung a High Mass and has no experience of the pontifical version, let alone an old rite ordination and dealing with a clutch of deacons at the throne...not an edifying spectacle. Why doesn't he have the grace to practice it properly and get it right?? Answer: he doesn't care or understand why the ordinand for whom it's being done cares. He's just showing how liturgically broadminded he can be in the hope of fleeing a dead-end diocese like Adelaide and getting a cushy job in Rome.