Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Requies in pacem...

At about 3am Australian Central Standard Time the Socceroos were knocked out of the World Cup by the referee. While the Australians probably should have scored in the later part of the 2nd half, surely many can sympathise with a "we was robbed" mentality. The first pic, below, shows the "foul" by Neale in the square and the second the winning penalty. The campaign is over but Australia salutes you Guus!!

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MC said...

Oh, thank God.

I admire those Socceroos, I really do, but now that it's all over we can get back to the two codes of football we actually understand in this country. We are sports mad as a country, but now that our national team won't be playing overseas, nobody will be able to be drawn away from AFL coverage.