Monday, July 17, 2006

ACSA conference round up - updated

Originally dated: July 11 2006
I'll keep updating this post when more sites publish info so keep an eye on this one. I'll be posting myself as soon as I return home and download my photos.

Here is post #1 from Dominicanus who claims the conference was the "biggest victory since Lepanto".

Update: July 15 2006
My photos aren't great and I actually too very few during the conference -- I didn't get time.

and here is post #2 from Dominicanus. This post is complete with pics of the Dominican contingent as well as a "non-liturgical" pic of Dominicanus and I. I must however apologies for the far-away look.

shannondonahoo also has a great Fessio round-up and a pic of the two SJs (far out numbered by the OPs of course).

Update: July 17 2006
oh dear. Dominicanus just can't stop! He has now posted #3 which includes the talk he gave on the Sunday after lunch.


Ephraem said...

.....Dominicanus and me. Hrrumph

aaron said...

Sorry, should it be Dominicanus and I?