Wednesday, July 19, 2006

African priest marries mother of his children

I didn't think that much of Rocco's first post on Out of Africa but his second made me take notice. It's a debarcle about an African Catholic priest who married his lover and mother of his two kids and has now formed a break away group with 26 other priests!

Godfrey Shiundu says that his conscience was now clear, "I knew it was wrong to have a girlfriend while serving God as a priest, but I couldn't leave her because I love her with all my heart."

Here is the report from


Cypressus III said...

I thought you were not going to post today

Miss Monification said...

It's Aaron. He would still have something to say if he was drowning in cement! As if a small exam would get in his way.

Besides, that is one weird story.

Good luck for the exam Aaron!

aaron said...

Spot on Miss Monification, I just happened to see Whispers in the Loggia before I went to bed.

Right, off to that exam now...