Sunday, July 30, 2006

another biretta shot

Daniel Hill, Daniel Mannix, or the baroness?


Lactantius said...

Or maybe David Brant from the series The Office

Ephraem said...

That's spooky!

Lactantius said...

It was actually the photo of Daniel at the Camberwell priory in a biretta which first prompted the association. Mind you this is coming from a OP tertiary who has spent time with another OP about to make solemn vows, though to the best of my knowledge, I do not think that OP has made the association himself.

aaron said...

The other photo of Daniel wearing a biretta was not at Camberwell. It doesn't even belong to a priest... now that's got you thinking.

Lactantius said...

Thank's for that Aaron. I simply put the photo of Daniel making his colourful gesture at what I presume was the priory and Daniel in biretta together.

As to the biretta not belonging to a priest, there is no surprise there because even our FSSP priests at Caufield are not particularly fond of them, wearing them only for public processions.
Personally I would like them to wear the biretta more frequently, at least at Solemn High Mass.

In fact my one and only opportunity thus far of handling a biretta was when serving a private Mass for an English Oratorian at the FSSP's seminary in Germany the week before WYD. Thank goodness I had read how to properly receive a biretta.

I might add that though my experiences with birettas are limited, my experience with mitres are far more frequent, having even been the bishop, during a practice for confirmation.

aaron said...

Hahahaha. Funny you should mention that, because I acted at the archbishop during the practice for our most recent confirmation!
Pax Tecum

Yes I ensured they all got their slap so they were prepared for when the bishops dished it out.

Birretts can be seen even on the odd Novus Ordo priest here is Adelaide -- yes even in dire Adelaide

Cypressus III said...

Rubbish, birettas are a Renaissance abomination and must be annhilated.

And to add more fule to the fire, the biretta I was wearing belongs to a Woman! And legitimately too.

aaron said...

Incorrect! Yet to be legitimate... but will be soon.