Monday, July 31, 2006

Couple of things from ZENIT

On the Future of the Jesuits
Interview With Superior General Father Kolvenbach
ROME, JULY 30, 2006 ( Last February, Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach, father general of the Society of Jesus, convoked a general congregation for January 2008, to elect his successor. It was an unexpected announcement, as the office is for life, but the superior general has his reasons. In this interview with ZENIT, Father Kolvenbach explains why he called the meeting, and what other important issues the representatives of the world's close to 20,000 Jesuits will also address. More...

Priests and Communists in Poland
Interview With Historian Peter Raina
WARSAW, Poland, JULY 30, 2006 ( Some Polish clergy who lived under the Communist regime are being falsely named as a former spies by government officials, says historian Peter Raina. Peter Raina, author of numerous books on Modern Church History, analyzes in this interview with ZENIT the truth of the relationship the clergy had with Communists. Raina obtained a doctorate from the University of Warsaw and taught Contemporary History at the University of Berlin. He has written essays and articles on Father Jerzy Popieluszko, killed by the Communist regime, and Father Konrad Hejmo, accused by the press of being a Russian spy in the Vatican. More...

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