Thursday, July 27, 2006

Defiance threat on stem-cell ban

The Australian has this story today on stem cell controversy in Victoria.

VICTORIA is taking legal advice on legislation governing the use of embryonic stem cells, in defiance of the federal ban.

With the Federal Government leaving open the possibility of starving researchers of funds if they use the controversial techniques, Victorian Treasurer John Brumby today upped the ante on conservative opponents of the technology. Speaking to a biotechnology summit, Mr Brumby called on the Government to allow the use of so-called therapeutic cloning, under which DNA is removed from an unfertilised human egg and replaced with a cell nucleus from a patient seeking treatment for a disease.

But he said Victoria was taking legal advice on possible legislation anyway. The Federal Government has raised the prospect of refusing to fund research, with Treasurer Peter Costello saying he would not fund "ethically repugnant" work.

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