Friday, July 21, 2006

I have no key post today for which I am sorry. However can I point you in the direction of The New Liturgical Movement. There is a post there on which as some beautiful pictures of a Pontifical High Mass -- check out the altar! There is also a debate raging in the comments about the merits of lace and forms of vestments. For the record I hate lace.


Keith Kenney said...


I was fast on my way to really enjoying your blog and then you ruin it by admitting to being a lace-bigot. I don't know if I shall be able to overlook this fault! J/K Love your blog!


aaron said...


You've inspired a post. Coming in the next few days I'll post all my thoughts on albs and surplices. Just wait!

elderly_relative said...

Aaron's views on lace are perhaps coloured to a degree by his exposure to 1950s relics of machine made tat which tend to make the servers look like reluctant transvestites or boys who just like to frock up.
If the Australian Church had gone in for hand-made lace of a more restrained kind, I'm sure he wouldn't be quite so legislative on the matter.