Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel and the Middle East et al

Against the Grain and American Papist have summaries of the war in the Middle East. The links are worth reading.

Update 17/07: video care of The Australian here. Has B16 on it.

Update 18/07: American Papist is doing a great job of collecteding all the materical. His Permalinks aren't working but just go to him.

I've also come across I weird piece in Catholic World News' Off the Record of a "marriage" between Michael (who had been a seminarian, preparing for the Jesuit priesthood) and Randy (a former Benedictine monk).

It begins like this:

What happens when you combine a blue-eyed gene with a brown-eyed gene? You get brown eyes.
What happens when you combine a "gay wedding" with a "Catholic wedding?"


I wonder how many of their fellow seminarians and religious attended?


aaron said...

Sorry to continue the Jesuit theme... I'm sure it will sway back to the Dominicans shortly.

Reember "Fessio for Superior General".

Shan said...

What's wrong with the Jesuits?, on second thoughts - don't answer that.