Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bl. Mary McKillop

Bl. Mary McKillop

Fr. Julian Tenison Woods (now there is a cassock!)

I nearly went through the whole day without mentioning Bl. Mary McKillop. It’s her feast day today for those of us in Australia. She is the only person in Australia’s history close to being canonised. I’d find some readings or something but the only Novus Ordo missal I have lying around was printed prior to her beatification.

If you Google you’ll be sure to find more stuff but I can’t find anything really good without a decent search (New Advent has nothing). In short (from my memory) Mary founded the Sisters of St. Joseph prior to the turn of last century with the help of Fr. Julian Tension Woods with the intention of them being an educational order. Mary was excommunicated by the local bishop before being re-instated.

How things have changed in the order! Here is the Sisters' website. Like the rest they have turned, let's say, weird. And another lot here. You can play "spot the habit"!


Sharon said...

As an Aussie you should know that what Fr is wearing is a soutane! lol Can't stand our words being replaced by American vocabulary. lol

aaron said...

Hmmm. I don't know. I tend to use the term Cassock for priests and religious, while soutane for servers... There is a slight difference to me as Cassock are usually better designed while soutanes can be just a plain simple black thing in some parishes... with even a zip or velcro. (Elderly Relative is shocked I'm sure)