Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dominicanus on CathNews

I was woken this morning by a phone call by my old man (well it was 8am but I’d had a long night studying) telling me that Dominicanus is the featured website on CathNews this morning. Two days of congratulations in a row. Click here for the link.
I think this day should be marked in history? Is this a turning point for Australian Catholicism? Have Dominicanus and Indolent Server (by association of course) become “mainstream” overnight?


Indolent's dad said...

MMM! I don't know that 'mainstream' is a handle that you or the Reverend Father would want to grasp at eagerly.

Regardless, congrats on the recognition for Dominicanus and the Indolent one for overdue acknowledgement!

aaron said...

True. I've never been one to "go with the flow" in anything really.