Thursday, August 03, 2006

Message to servers

Pope tells altar servers to be open to the call of the Lord

Vatican City, Aug. 02, 2006 (CNA) - Pope Benedict XVI used much of his General Audience today to greet the thousands of altar servers who are visiting Rome as part of the international pilgrimage of altar servers, sponsored by Coetus Internationalis Ministrantium. He told the many servers gathered that they should be open to the call of the Lord and be prepared if he is calling them to serve as priests.

The Holy Father began his remarks by recalling his first year serving Mass in 1935. Pope Benedict, assuring them that he would keep his comments brief due to the heat, told the altar servers that he wished to offer a message, “that can accompany you in your life and your service to the Church.”

Calling them to serve as priests... does that include the serviettes?? Whole new generation of Womenpriests. Anyway, when will the Vatican come down on altar girls? And outright ban them. They are a disgrace and embarrasment. Makes us look Anglican. Com'on bishops have some guts!

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