Thursday, August 24, 2006

New poll on Stem Cells

I'm making one huge assumption here - that just about all readers of this blog are Catholic or at least moral or social conservatives and thus against increasing embryonic stem cell research in Australia. The word about the town is that there will be a vote on the issue this year because no party wants this to be an issue during the election year of 2007.

Will the way your local MP votes on the coming stem cell debate change the way you will vote in the 2007 Federal Election?
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PS. This is one of the reasons my number of posts has shrunk lately - I've been following the news and trying to second guess the opponents, predicting the stragey and coming up with a counter-attack and discussing what influence the organisations I'm involved with may have.

Update: The first answer is poorly worded. It assumes that the MP in question votes 'yes'.


Shan said...

I chose "No, I place my vote based on other issues"

Why? Well, here's the thing. Neither the ALP nor Liberal value unborn human life, nor born human life. As parties, each of them consider people to simply be resources or collateral to be harvested for cures or industry. As such, I don't consider either party to have a healthy view of the person and so I do not trust them to govern. One worships Moloch, the other Mammon.

I'll probably vote indepent or National - depending on who stands.

aaron said...

But one of them has to get your preference over the other.

Nationals have their devils too. Fiona Nash...

aaron said...

I have noticed the majority of votes so far are for Yes, I definitely won't vote for him/her.

Explanation? I chose option 2, preferring to wait to see who the alternative candidate is -- ie. see if he/she is worse! Or, under that circumstace, are you going to hand in a blank ballot?