Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Post abuse here

Okay, I've copped a bit of abuse (that I may or may not have deserved) following my post interpreting the results of the Readers Poll.

So for a bit of fun for you all I've decided to create an abuse line. For all abuse aimed at me please file under the comments of this post. Yes, Miss Monification and Dad in particular, that's you! (I'm worried by his recent comments that he's turning into a fan of Social Darwinism - breeding out the genes. What next?!!)

Anyway, I love a argument and trust me, nothing can be more vile than the abuse you cop in student politics so I'm up for a reasonable stousch on anything and will defend my words at (nearly) all costs. Even when I'm wrong I'm Right!

Anyway, this will probably be the only new post as I have to write an entire 800 word tute paper tonight. I have to argue in my tute tomorrow that the German Army was principally responsible for the Armenian Genocide. I guess I'll get it done on a whim and a prayer- or is it a wing and a prayer?


Xavier said...

Knowing you, Aaron, it wont be a left-wing and a prayer...
You obviously know more about the Armenian genocide than I do, but I always thought that it was the Turks that were directly responsible for this? I'm currently writing up a movie review on 'Hotel Rwanda', which concerns the 1994 Rwandan genocide...

'Good night, and good luck' tomorrow!

Indolent's dad said...

Disclaimer: Indolent's dad (aka Sire of Server) hereby makes it known to all of Christendom (and Blogdom) that the views of Indolent Server are entirely of his own confection and bear no resemblance to the thoughts of any person, living or dead.

As Jackie Gleeson once said: "Boy! You sure didn't come from my loins!" (only joking Aaron!)

Mac McLernon said...

I know you said you wanted abuse, Indolent Server, but I'm afraid that having just chuckled my way through your blog I can't oblige... I particularly enjoyed your description of "serviettes"

The nearest I can get to abuse is to say that I think your dad sounds great!

...BTW, I'm female and into liturgy... but then I do wear a mantilla!

Miss Monification said...

Abuse? Me? Post abuse?? My dear, I only post constructive criticism. :)

Indolent's dad said...

Mantilla laced and a prayerful face
with them Rosaries - hangin' down.
Angel voices sing 'Ave'
'Corpus Verum' and 'Salve'
to The Lord, a joyful sound.

(with apologies to the Big Bopper)

Marie said...

On the subject of mantilla's, hardly anyone in my parish wears them except ladies in the over fifty bracket. I first wore one on my First Holy Communion day and have ever since. It makes me sad to think that covering our heads in the presence of Jesus is considered 'old fashioned.'