Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stem Cells

This should have been added to links below. Christopher Pearson had a great piece in The Weekend Australian on Saturday that's worth a read. Sold on misconceptions reveals some results of a survey undertaken by the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute.

An excerpt from the column:

There was another, broader question asked regarding the four main issues examined in the survey: "Would any of the following have the potential to shift your vote at the next federal election?"

On the level of funding that different parties or candidates commit to pregnancy support services, 27 per cent said yes. On the stances parties take to the so-called abortion pill RU486 and whether it should be legalised, 35 per cent said yes. On the stance of parties or candidates on embryonic stem cell research, 41 per cent said yes. On the matter of "legalisation of cloning of human embryos for research", 48 per cent said yes....

If you look at the names of many of the supports of loossening the legislation they spring to mind as MPs already committed to retire at the next election or members that have little hope of retaining their seat in the Senate anyway. Boy that makes me mad!

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