Monday, August 07, 2006


Philip Blosser has a short post on atlar girls (whom I prefer to call serviettes). But check out the photo. Yuck! Nice thurible, from what I can see nice vestments, and a well-presented priest. But a girl holding the thurible. Not even the pretty face makes up for anything.

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DilexitPrior said...

*Sigh* I really don't think that having altar server girls is the solution. Although altar server girls are allowed in the archdiocese I live in the parish in which I grew up doesn't have girls serving at the altar. Not only is there the question of fostering vocations to the priesthood among young men, I think that having girls serve at the altar scares lots of the boys away. Case in point: The parish I grew up in only has altar boys. They are very well trained, very reverent, and wear cassocks and surplices. It's not a huge parish and yet every Mass (including weekdays...even in the summer!) has at least three altar servers. The parish I attend while away at university has girl altar servers. It's a larger parish than the one in my hometown and yet they seem to always be desperately looking for altar servers. It's not rare that there isn't even an altar server for Mass on Sunday.

Maybe there are other factors at play, but it seems to me that the altar girls aren't the solution.

As a young women actively involved in the church and parish life I just wanted to say I've never been resentful of the fact that my brothers could be altar servers and I couldn't. It just makes sense.