Sunday, September 24, 2006

Away from blogging

Dear Readers and friends,

This likely to be an entire week off from blogging. I leave at 6am on Tuesday morning for a week in Sydney. The weekend will be the National Executive meeting of the Australian Catholic Students Association and the days before that will be a chance for me to have a few meetings and also to catch up with some good friends including the infamous Dominicanus.

The Executive will be having a lunch with our Patron in George Cardinal Pell which is always loads of fun especially as our chaplain, Fr. Gregory Jordan SJ and the Cardinal have known each other for many years.

The week will also be a chance to relax a tad, though I am bringing some uni work with me to do.


Acolytus said...

Come to High Mass, Lewisham, 7pm on Thursday and Solumn High Michael-Mass 7pm Friday (we could do with extra Servers for that one.

aaron said...


I doubt whether either is feasible.

Plus we have Fr. Jordan as our chaplain saying mass...

Indolent's dad said...

Nothing quite like having your own member of the priestly caste in tow!

Particularly handy when one finds oneself in a diocese for the liturgically challenged!

aaron said...

Liturgicall challenged? No, Just Jesuits..

Cypressus III said...

Michael-Mass ("pronounced mikelmus") is the traditional English name for the feast day of St Michael you knumb-skull.