Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bomber's values

I've been incredibly busy this week and will continue to be until Monday. (I think seven assignments due in one week ontop of everything else I do constitutes busy). So I haven't had the chance to really blog on the Opposition Leader, Kim 'Bomber' Beazley, and his plan to have immigrants and tourists sign an 'Australian values' pledge.

I didn't know we had any generic values here! We certianly aren't a very Christian country. The only things we really value are beer drinking, sport and the Aussie BBQ!

It got me thinking, what are our Australian values and what defines us as Australian? What should our generic values be?

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Cypressus III said...

except for the prescriptions of natural law, i really can't see any basis for values. If we want a value system then we have to repudiate the extreme forms of multiculturalism because different cultures have different values.

We should have British-based values such as: Trial by Jury, Monarchy, and the pre-eminence of Christianity.

But the main thing we should do is have family based values. Support for families, no gay marriage, adoption or IVF for gays. Better divorce laws. Defacto relationships frowned upon somehow.