Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Colin Thiele RIP

I just wanted to write something short noting the passing of one of Australia’s great authors in Colin Thiele. Thiele’s death was overshadowed by the shock fatality of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Thiele grew up in Eudunda, a small town north of the Barossa Valley in South Australia and has written well over 100 books for all ages. His books range from poetry and history through to children's stories and adult fiction. Most of his early work was set in the South Australian countryside with his later work based in Queensland after a move to the warmer climate due to arthritis.

His best know book was Storm Boy which was set in the Coorong in the South East SA. Storm Boy, adapted for film in 1976, is a tale about a boy and his pelican released and was published in 1966. His other famous works include The Fire in the Stone, Magpie Island, Poems in My Luggage and The Hammerhead Light most of which I read in middle primary school.

I remember writing to Mr. Thiele once in about Grade 5 for a project we had been assigned to do on a famous Australian. He returned a handwritten personal letter and included his signature on a sticker in case I wished to use it on a poster or something.

He died on Monday aged 85.


bourkey4682 said...

Well 'Sun on the Stubble' is/was much an autobiography of Thiele's early years also. There's a series I think with Jamie Croft in it as BUG.

Indolent's dad said...

You failed to mention 'February Dragon' which, for mine, was his best.