Thursday, September 14, 2006

Episcopal Ordination today

This evening Fr. Greg O'Kelly will be ordained a bishop is the Adelaide Convention Centre. Both my parenst are going so there should be a report for you tomorrow morning (assuming I have time). my usually reserved mother is already worried about the venture -- "it'll probably be like a school Mass!" she said to me yesterday.

CathNews reports that along with a few Archbishops there will be other dignitaries present.
Readers will include South Australia's Chief Justice John Doyle, a Saint Ignatius College old scholar. ABC newsreader Michael Smyth and Channel Seven journalist and presenter Rosanna Mangiarelli will commentate.
Oh dear, TV presenters as commentators. Commentators generally are an abomination regardless of how clearly they speak!


Indolent's dad said...

I take this opportunity to make it perfectly clear that Indolent's opinions (and, in this case, those of his dear Mother) are not necessarily those of 'Sire of Server'.

I also take this opportunity to remind Indolent that the lifestyle to which he has become all too accustomed is contingent upon Sire of Server (aka Indolent's dad) enjoying the confidence of his employer and, thereby, his pay cheque!

aaron said...

Dear old man, everyone in the Archdiocese knows your liturgical preferences... I'm just making small interesting observations here...