Monday, September 11, 2006

Health of His Holiness

Shouts In The Piazza has a post which suggests that the Holy Father is currently on a "farewell tour" and suggests that his health ain' t that great.
Word in the piazza is that there are whispers in Rome that he'll be dead by this time next year and that, in fact, this visit to Germany, the second in as many years, is so that he could have a chance to see his homeland again in case he gets no more chances.
Now that is news! Now come the "what ifs"...


Cypressus III said...

Bah- its begun again. He's old for sure and no ones looking at a 20 yr pontificate, but as far as I recall, ever since I can rememember JPII was on the brink of death. I'd say its a rumour started by Sodano as a parting gift. Or maybe Marini

Acolytus said...

It's the modernists, hopping that if they keep saying 'the popes gana die, the popes gunna die' they will actualy will it to happen. Wishull thinking.