Sunday, September 10, 2006

Marini whinge

Look carefully at this pic of His Holiness and Archbishop Marini. Why on earth would you have your hands just clasped together when the Pope is right next to you with the palms of his hand joined solemnly? If that was me, my hands would be joined so solemnly they wouldn't be able to come apart for a week!
But it did remind me to post this pic of a certain Domincan novice acting as MC in a similar situation in July. Well at least in the presence of a Bishop, Fr. Joseph Fessio SJ and a number of Orthodox priests from around the country.


Acolytus said...

and a Pectoral Cross over a surplace!

Cypressus III said...

Yeah whats the go with marini's surplice? thats not choir dress for a bishop. Where did he make that up from? Shouldnt it be a Rochet?

Cypressus III said...

Actually i know in the old days you had to waer a surplice over your rochet in the prescence of the pope- maybe this is the 'modern' version.

And thats a civil, not a liturgical pectoral cross too. I hate it when they wear those