Thursday, September 07, 2006

Strippers in Parliament

The SMH has this breaking story - Climate conference strip show storm. This was at a dinner and the social highlight of the 17th Australia New Zealand Climate Change Forum held in Old Parliament House Canberra.
Red-faced organisers issued the following statement at the closing session of the conference this afternoon: "The ANZ Climate Forum organising committee apologise for any offence taken at the forum dinner. The intent was light-hearted entertainment. In retrospect the choice of entertainment was inappropriate for the occasion.

"We understand if the sponsors wish to withdraw. We trust that this will not reflect on the very productive contributions made by the ANZ Climate Forum. If any participant has further concerns please approach the committee directly."
Crikey! They're only a bunch of climate scientists. Give them a jar of jelly and a balloon, that's entertainment enough, surely?!!

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