Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Local Politics

Incredibly frustrated and busy at the moment but the blog is kkeping me in good spirits! I love the debate! The ballot papers in the local council election come out mid-next week and I'm trying to organise a letterbox drop this coming weekend among all my uni assignments due next week (all 10 or so of them!!)

Infact I don't think I've mentioned this election yet on the blog. I nominated 6 weeks ago as a candidate for the KLEMZIG Ward of the Port Adelaide Enfield Council. I knew I wouldn't have the time to put in a normal effort but figured if I waited 4 more years I wouldn't be able to use the youth tag. So I nominated. Three other nominated including the two sitting members for the 2 spots for the Ward. There are a number of reasons for nominating but the thing that finally convinced me was that the two sitting members have attended the least amount of meetings out of all the councillors for the last term. Thus a bit of angst among those that care and are likely to vote for a young, energetic looking face.

I do hope that I am elected and I believe I have a good flyer out there and should complement the short paragraph (and photo) in the local paper this week. I don't have any coreflutes on poles and am hoping for the average local voter looking for a representative rather than an ugly face that you can't miss on the way to work. My key slogan is "youth WITH experience". I'm keen for a new experience having dabled in student politics before moving to university boards and committees. I'd be lost if I graduated from uni and don't have some regular committee meetings to attend!

So please pray for me and wish me luck in the contest.


Indolent's dad said...

Mmmm! Lack of recognition of pater familias and sibling support. Nevermind, maybe we'll see some acknowldegement in Indolent's maiden speech!

aaron said...

Sorry old man, I forget that the odd family member has a read of this here and then...

LYL said...

Do you have an odd. family member then Aaron?


Well, you'll be very pleased to hear that since I'm planning to vote in this election (I am even in your ward, O Indolent One) and I didn't know about the slackness of the two sitting members, I may well cast my vote your way.

I may even try to rope some of my neighbours into voting for you.

I have just recently discovered that I've met one of your younger brothers at Cathy and Shawn's on a number of occasions.

"It's a small world after all..."

aaron said...

Ha! Fantastic! That would be awesome.

Letterboxing is underway so look out for "Introducing Aaron Russell" sometime soon.

It is a terribly small world... I hope my brother was behaving.

LYL said...

Probably! I dare say I was keeping an eye on my 4 kids to make sure *they* were behaving.