Sunday, October 29, 2006

A personal update

Gee, last week was tough. I didn’t get a good night sleep due to being just rushed off my feet with assignments. Goodness knows how long I spent on a computer in CATS (the engineering suites at uni). I got just about all of them done just in time and slept well Friday night!!

I was successfully elected once again to the University Council. One election down, one to go!!

Now I just need to prepare for three exams: Dynamics and Control II on Saturday 4th, History exam on Wed 8th and then Embedded Computer Systems on Thursday 16th. I have nice gaps between them all, which is just fantastic.

The countdown begins until the end of exams. In the meantime I also have to decide on a Final Year project for next year. The list came out on Friday but I have absolutely no idea what I want to work on and none stand out at all.

Then it's summer... which means cricket and THE ASHES!!!

Update: I spoke with Fr. Ephraem from Dominicanus yesterday. He is still in hospital and had something done to his foot earlier. He is, however, in good spirits and passing the time reading cathing up on The Spectator, The Bulletin and other such magazines.

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Anonymous said...

Peace be yours in this busy time!

God bless you richly
In Jesus,
Maria in the UK