Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rumours in the Vatican and a disgrace in Canada

Rocco has anoth fabulous scoop. That the Holy Father is about to annouce the Archbishop of Sao Paolo, Cardinal Claudio Hummes, OFM, as the new Head of the Congregation for the Clergy, succeeding Cardinal Hoyos, who is now 77. The appointment would be the fifth major appointment and the fifth that B16 has appointed from outside the Curia. It is unknown at this stage whether Hoyos will continue with the Pontifical Council Ecclesia Dei which is really what people are watching at the moment!

Update: Yep! It sure happened. See Catholic News Agency's story and bio.

Something that may be dealt with swiftly is this story from LifeSite: "Pro-Choice", Pro-Gay Priest Given Permission from Bishop but not Vatican to Run for Politics. LifeSite reports that he has "the permission of his bishop to run for public office, despite a prohibition of such activity in the Church's Code of Canon Law". What's more, the priest is openly a former homosexual prostitute. "In February this year, [Fr. Raymond] Gravel joined a group of nineteen priests in issuing a letter condemning Catholic teaching on sexual purity and opposing the bishops' submissions to Parliament against the same-sex "marriage" law."
Fr. Raymond had previously won The Fight Against Homophobia Award in 2004. Crikey! Let's hope and pray for some swift action or a change of conscience.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you be proud that he is fighting homophobia in our society and, therefore, the church is making a contribution to it as well? He sounds like a priest who is actually tolerant and doing something to better our society.

LYL said...

Anonymous, "homophobia" is a nasty little label which is regularly used to silence any meaningful discussion about sexual morality.

It is a label, which is used without any care for the truth. Since I believe homosexual sex to be wrong (as well as pre- and extra- marital sex, artificial contraception and other things) many people would describe me as "homophobic." This is simply not accurate, since I do not fear homosexuals. I certainly do not hate them.

In such circumstances, it is simply not possible to have a rational discussion with people who shout "homophobe" or "bigot" at the first opportunity.

Where there truly is homophobia, the Church's teaching shows clearly that homosexual people are to be personally treated with respect and dignity, even though we are free to disagree with how they live their lives.

This priest is behaving very badly and we are free to say so.

The only thing this priest is tolerant of is sin. Unfashionable, but true.

Anonymous said...

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