Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sydney visit - Part III

The ACSA Executive met briefly on Sunday morning to discuss and recap on the organisation of the 2006 National Conference before heading to St. Mary’s Cathedral for High Mass. I can’t remember what Mass the choir sung but it was magnificent and Pell gave a ripper of a sermon while also giving ACSA a plug. In Mass there was an installation of one of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Sebastian (sorry, we haven’t forgotten the Adelaide Review days) was there and I was able to have a quick chat to him before somehow becoming the official photographer for the order. However, don’t trust Sebastian with a camera. I asked him to get a shot of me and the Cardinal but when I downloaded it wasn’t there! He is the 5th from the right.

We headed back to Clovelly after lunch was a final hard session of National Conference 2007 planning. We do aim for the 3rd year in a row to introduce optional workshops – maybe some part of my legacy! We broke up the meeting just after 5pm and had benediction before all departing for respective homes and states.

I still had a night left and headed with the treasurer to the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Homebush. There was a bit of a NRL Grand Final do there hosted by some friends of ours. We got there just after half time but managed some good conversation about the Liberal Party and ACSA (not together – don’t fear). I got a relatively early night and stayed again at St. James Priory.

Monday was my last day in Sydney and thankfully I managed to catch up with another friend before visiting Fr. E in St. Alfreds Hospital. He was in great spirits and had asked me to bring The Australian and a large coffee. He had already read two entire editions of Quadrant as well as New Scientist and The Spectator since being admitted.

I then headed to the airport and then home again. On the flight back I had a conversation with Che Cockatoo Collins. Che is a former AFL footballer who just happens to be interested in politics and is running the Local Council elections for the same council as I am running in! What coincidence! So we talked politics much of the flight back.

That ends the Sydney story/ramble. Needless to say I slept well on Monday night but was up at 6am for work. Overall a productive and terrible useful trip. There is lots to do and little time but I have a passionate and talented executive to guide ACSA through the year.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow...

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