Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time travel preferences

Fr. Tim Finigan commaned me to answer the following question. I've followed the lead of DelexitPrior by not considering Biblical events.

If an angel could take me back in time, what five things or occasions would I like to experience?

  • Be involved in the Battle of Lepanto… Don Juan… Pope St. Pius V.
  • Victoria 1954 – hanging around BA (Bob) Santamaria when the ALP Split was materminded
  • Riding with Charlemagne
  • With Don Bradman on the 1948 Ashes tour – the Invincibles
  • (*all of the history courses I’ve studied have been negative periods of the late 19th and 20th Century – I'm struggling to find another quickly!)
  • Serve Mass in St. Peters Basilica prior to the Council of 1962
  • Mass in Rome prior to the Council of Trent
  • The Burning of Carthage ending the Punic Wars.
  • Witness one of St. Catherine of Siena’s ecstasies.
  • There with Pope John Paul I – to see how/why he really died…


Cypressus III said...

Where is the first Crusade? And what about a Pontifical Sarum rite mass at Salsbury!

Lepanto cool though.

aaron said...

Ah. Just comment weeks after I post it! I guess that comes from living with Octopuses tho. Crusades grand yes, but I would have died.

+ I was limited!!