Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cricket and WYD

I was asked today whether I was going to the cricket starting Friday – Is the Pope in Turkey?

Yes I’m going. Hopefully everyday except most of Monday which I have a University meeting after lunch at the National Wine Centre. What should I do – Day 4 of the Test Match or free lunch and drinks at the Wine Centre?

I went to a WYD thingy tonight. I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived but it was a bit unusual. I probably thought it was a Q&A forum with suggestion but it turned into a kinda early stages of forming working committees for the events in Adelaide in the lead up.

Anyway, it was pretty bad except that I met LYL from Purcell’s Chicken Voluntary!!! And there were a couple of other worthwhile people. The problem was it was just disorganised and there were a couple of mad ladies on my table – ‘WYD should be about the Indigenous and social justice’ – What about Our Blessed Lord??!!!

Suggestions included a Mass by the River Torrens... I refrained form suggesting that it would be great only if it were ad orientem. Maybe I should have stacked the meeting and hence the committees!


LYL said...

LOL! You could stack them anyway, Aaron. It's not like they are set in stone. Just have your friends turn up to the next meetings, I reckon.

If it's any consolation at all, social justice and Australian Aborigines are part of the Church's social teaching and while they shouldn't take over as the sole focus for WYD events, they certainly can be addressed.

Your ad orientum remark was priceless! If I'm not mistaken, facing east would be entirely possible alongside the Torrens. Not that I would particularly like to attend Mass there anyway. Another gathering, maybe.

The thing I thought was truly bizarre was the remark that we should make our liturgies more "multicultural." Quite apart from the issues of remaining faithful to the liturgy as it was actually taught at Vatican II, I was under the obviously mistaken impression that pilgrims were to be experiencing a taste of Australian life (as a sort of happy side-effect) while they're here. That won't be happening if we become obsessed with trying to be something we're not.

One of the sad results of the liberal-minded iconoclasts of the 70's I guess. (Was it you, or someone else who spoke of the 70's iconoclasts? Very apt. Iconoclasm is the *very* heresy the western Church suffered at that time - and still does).

I enjoyed meeting you too, Aaron. Although for some reason you looked familiar to me. I was trying to work out if I had maybe met you before.

Capt. said...

I hope the question about going the cricket was rhetorical.