Sunday, November 12, 2006

House keeping

Plenty of welcome rain last night in a time where we are experiencing the worst drought in 1000 years - actually the Premier got the WRONG but you get the picture. Our lawn at home, which of course gets plenty of wear, will be grateful for it.

I found out this afternoon that my local council bid wasn't sucessful. Nevermind. Just about all the candidates standing for re-election throughout the entire council got up again except the Mayor. No regrets about throwing my hat in the ring.

In fact, maybe it's a blessing I didn't get elected. Even though I'm in exam mode for 2006 I've been deciding on and organising my Final Year Project for Mech Eng next year. I've chosen, and was chosen for, the Design and Build of a Hybrid Solar Car. Now this will be challenging and will be completed by a group of 10 of us Mech Eng along with 4-6 Elec Eng. This is the whole project form start to finish which includes raising money and sponsorships etc. It's expected that we each put in over 20 hours per week for less units on our academic record than a 3rd year Arts subject! Anyway, I'm looking forward to another challenge in my life.

Exam is Thursday morning so hopefully more regular postings will resume then.

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LYL said...

Good for you, having a go with the election.

Project for next year sounds very interesting. Will look forward to seeing how it progresses.