Sunday, November 19, 2006

My books

People that know we well know already that I'm not the greatest of readers. I used to be. In primary school I would be reading constantly but all that changed. Now I rarely read fiction at all, in fact I probably haven't read a novel for years. That said, I do read a bit of history and politics. The first picture below shows my booksefh in my room. This is a shap-shot of my personal collection of books (plus some in a box in the shed) but I'm not as mad as my old man who has masses of shelves.

I do house my favourites elsewhere - just above my desk for easy access. Besides the Dictionary and Thesarus these include:
  • The Constitution of Australia - signed by John Howard
  • The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite - Fortescue and O'Connell
  • Against the Tide - BA Santamaria (his autobiography)
  • The Howard Factor
  • The Cube and the Cathedral - George Weigel
  • The Early Papacy - Adrian Fortescue
  • Farewell to Cricket - Don Bradman
  • The Prince - Machiavelli
  • The Courage to be Catholic - George Weigel
  • What were the Crusades - Jonathon Riley-Smith
  • What We Can't Not Know - Budziszewski
  • Latham and Abbott - Michael Duffy
  • Ill-Starred Captains Flinders and Baudin - Anthony J. Brown.
  • The Fall of Constantinople 1453
  • The Great Disruption - Francis Fukuyama
Letters to a Young Catholic (George Weigel) and my Missale Romanorum are on my bedside table

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