Friday, November 10, 2006

My history exam was okay on Wednesday afternoon. We had a choice of six essay questions and had to answer two. The first I chose was nearly identical to my tutorial paper and element of which i used in my major essay so that was fantastic but the second was rather hard and I struggled to form much of a piece. It was about definitions and I know them well but couldn't drag out mch of a piece and found myself finished after two pages - hardly an essay.

One exam to go... I have a week to learn (as opposed to revise) the course -- Embedded Computer Systems. I'm terrible at programming so am aiming strictly for a pass. I've also signed up for my final year honours project - Design and Build a Hybrid Solar Car. Should be a massive challenge but very interesting.

And then it's a summer of work and cricket! (Not neccessarily in that order of priority!)

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