Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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The vote has just been cast in the Senate about Theraputic Cloning of Embryonic Stem Cells and we lost 34-32. One single measly vote. It has only just this minute happened and we are yet to know exactly who voted which way. I'll keep you posted tonight.

Update: This is how the Third Reading vote stands:
Notable absences are Fiona Nash (proponent of this years RU486 Bill and National Party) and Stephen Conroy (against RU486 and one of the headkickers of the Labor Right in Victoria)

The bill will now go to the House of Representaives later this week or next week. Numbers there are, as always, hard to tell.

Update: For those who want a bit more background visit Cloning.org.au and Make a Stand also has some info. Sorry I can't give more. I really should calm down a bit, relax and get some sleep right now before my exam tomorrow which I haven't really done much revision for.


Joee Blogs said...

Can you give a bit of background on this please? As this hasn't featured in the MSM over here.

Anonymous said...

Below is the list of those who voted in favour:

Judith Adams (Liberal, WA)
Lyn Allison (Democrats, VIC)
Andrew Bartlett (Democrats, QLD)
Bob Brown (Greens, TAS)
Carol Brown (ALP, TAS)
Kim Carr (ALP, VIC)
Richard Colbeck (Liberal, TAS)
Trish Crossin (ALP, NT)
Chris Evans (ALP, WA)
John Faulkner (ALP, NSW)
Alan Ferguson (Liberal, SA)
Jeannie Ferris (Liberal, SA)
David Johnston (Liberal, WA)
Linda Kirk (ALP, SA)
Kate Lundy (ALP, ACT)
Gavin Marshall (ALP, VIC)
Anne McEwen (ALP, SA)
Jan McLucas (ALP, QLD)
Claire Moore (ALP, QLD)
Andrew Murray (Democrats, WA)
Kerry Nettle (Greens, NSW)
Kerry O'Brien (ALP, TAS)
Kay Patterson (Liberal, VIC)
Marise Payne (Liberal, NSW)
Robert Ray (ALP, VIC)
Nick Sherry (ALP, TAS)
Rachel Siewert (Greens, TAS)
Natasha Stott Despoja (Democrats, SA)
Judith Troeth (Liberal, VIC)
Russell Trood (Liberal, QLD)
Amanda Vanstone (Liberal, SA)
Ruth Webber (ALP, SA)
Penny Wong (ALP, SA)
Dana Wortley (ALP, SA)

Every Catholic on the list should be excommunicated.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps congratulated for making a conscience decision that isnt dictated by the church...

aaron said...

Theren't aren't that many on that list who are even notionally Catholic.

Anonymous said...

It's a diabolical attack on the Incarnation.

aaron said...

This whole thing reminds me of Peter Goldsworthy's book Honk if You're Jesus which is about a leader of a mad Christian Sect who impregnates his wife with tissue cells from the shroud or something for a second incarnation. Another doctor finds out and forces her to have an abortion. It was written in the 80s or early 80s... as pure fiction... how far we have come.

LYL said...

Or perhaps congratulated for making a conscience decision that isnt dictated by the church...


By God, you make me laugh, Anonymous!