Friday, November 24, 2006

Pious, Devout, Religious, Reverent. What other words are there to describe you? According to my Sydney sources, 'Devout' is the 'in' word at the moment.


LYL said...

None of these are words I would ever use of myself. Not because I dislike the words, just because I don't think I'm that good.

"Practising Catholic" does it for me.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when just Catholic sufficed. You were either a good(ie practicing) Catholic or you were not. If you were a good Catholic, you knew it and so did everyone else. If you were not a good Catholic, you and everyone else knew that too.

You were supposed to believe (and practice) what your local parish priest believed and taught, who believed what his bishop believed who in turn believed what the Pope believed who received the faith in succession from the Apostles and ultimately, Christ Himself.

How did we get into the mess we're currently in? People(and this includes bishops and priests) these days seem to be able to live in open dissent from the Magisterium and get away with it, totally confusing the faithful.

The more important question is, how do we get back to the point where everyone knew where the Church stands?


Exactly. Now is about being orthodox or not and then broken down into 'Latin Mass' or 'Trad', Novus Ordo, 'Charo', etc etc etc.

LYL said...

then broken down into 'Latin Mass' or 'Trad', Novus Ordo, 'Charo', etc etc etc.

Reminds me of "I'm for Apollos! I'm for Paul! I'm for Cephas!"

Also, "Follow the gourd! No, follow the sandal!"