Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rudd, Tony, Fr. Frank...

As expected Kevin Rudd came out firing yesterday at his book launch - Fr. Frank Brennan's Acting on Conscience. (See yesterday's post for some background.)

Hmmm... Fr. Frank Brennan. What can I say? The picture below shows him in a tie and jacket and I don't think he knows what a Roman Collar is.

From left: Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Fr. Frank Brennan (from The Age)

and then there is this photo...
Fr. Frank Brennan celebrating Mass (thanks to CathCon)
The Age's story: Mick factor makes for a warmer world
The Australian's version
How CathNews saw it
Fr. Frank Brennan's speech

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Anonymous said...

Well. Thanks for point us to this. I've included this at my blog. My little analysis may be instructive: