Friday, November 17, 2006

Uni for the year is finally over. I'm really not sure how I went in my exams but it's the furthest thing on my mind right now!

I have a million-and-one things to do now too. I have to catch up on alot of ACSA business which includes beginning to start fundraising and hopefully meet our target of $20-25,000 before next July.

We are also struggling with a location. We would very much like to go to Canberra for the National Conference but can't find accomodation there. It seems none of the residential colleges 'kick-out' their students for the mid-year break as many others do. This has also put us in the awkward situation where we can't tell His Grace Archbishop Chaput where we will be hosting him. He has agreed to come and be our major guest speaker - I must contact him this week too.

The cloning bill before Parliament is also rumoured to be due to be debated in the House of Representatives from next Thursday.


Indolent's dad said...

Mmmm! 'This mean you gonna catch up on sleep too?

aaron said...

hopefully. Not that I'll be in bed earlier...!!!

Anonymous said...

clearly not!

Anon #1

Indolent's dad said...

So, what pub was open at 6-00am?

Patrick said...

Why not put a PayPal donation button on your blog - for ACSA??!!