Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Hymns/Carols

We sang O Come O Come Emmanual as a recessional hymn for the second sunday in a row and no doubt we will be singin it next week too but I got me thinking - what is my favourite Christmas Hymn/Carol? And why? I'm really not sure.

I love Rorate Caeli during Advent and I am a bit of a fan of Gaudete and Puer Natus in Bethleham
but not sure what would top my list.

What top's your list and why?


DilexitPrior said...

Minuit Chr├ętien (O Holy Night. . . in French).

Because my grandfather (who's Belgian) sings it every night at the Christmas tree for all twelve days of Christmas and he sings it with such passion. It reminds me of the great gift of Faith I've been given through him, a faith that transcends generations. He sings it like he really believes what he's singing, and that makes me believe even more.

Miss Monification said...

Mine's the same as dilexitprior... but not for the same reason and not in French. Although I'm sure if my French was up to scratch I would love it in that too! I just think it sums up eveything that Christmas is meant to be mixed with just the most beautiful music!

Indolent's dad said...

Mmmm! Are you making a distinction between Advent Hymns and Christmas Carols? I recall, in years past, singing, for example, Silent Night, in Advent at the local NO parish. Arghh! Yuk!

These days, it seems, as soon as the Christmas Pageant is done (In Adelaide - before Advent)many places trot out the Carols.

I recall mentioning this to someone once who responded that this was a good thing because 'once Christmas Day has passed, we don't sing them anymore - and they're so 'nice' that we should sing Carols more often'. (ergo: before Christmas!)

LYL said...

I agree, Dad of the Indolent One! I can't stand carols during Advent. Even worse, however, is not having carols during the Christmas Season!

My favourite carol is Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I think it was written by Wesley. I can't help myself - I love Wesley's hymns.

Apart from anything else, the first carols were sung by the heavenly throng.

Cypressus III said...

in my opinion the best thing for christmas is "missa hodie christus nautus est" with the motet "hodie christus nautus est." in fact its my favorite mass setting.

Carol wise i have three favorites:
Good King Wenceslaus
The Holly and the Ivy
I saw three ships

and 'Adam lay enbounden' is a really cool old english advent carol.

Hymn wise "Veni Emmanuel" in english or latin is my favorite for advent, but "this is the record of John" is a stunning Advent piece (though not a hymn)

chritmas hymns of note are hark the heral angels sing (with trumpet fanfare!)
Adeste fideles (oh come all ye faithful) and 'once in royal David's city"

but you cant go past "Unto us a Child is born" and "the Glory of the Lord" from Handel's messiah

Cypressus III said...

that was a palestrina mass my the way