Friday, December 22, 2006

The Holy Family

I know, it's not yet the feast the Nativity of Our Blessed Lord let alone the Holy Family but I'm doing a bit of a plug here for a fantastic brochure put our by the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family (Melbourne).

Go to their website here and download and read the brochure on the Holy Family. It's actually very good and worth reading.

This is the blurb I got sent:
"The John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family has produced a brochure to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. It has been written by a lecturer at the Institute with a view to explaining the origins of this feast and to offer some reflections from the contemporary theology of the Holy Family. So often the only thoughts people have on the Holy Family are of pastel holy cards from childhood. In this reflection we have tried to offer something a little more substantial."


Miss Monification said...

Of COURSE it's good!

Sorry have been out of internet action for the week so couldn't say anything til now.
Cheers kid!


Since when do I get called kid!!???

Miss Monification said...

Oh I just did it to annoy you. I knew it would. :)