Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Midnight Mass II

Midnight Mass went off rather well. The chior was in fine form and there were just enough servers there to make do. (A number are quite young and weren't allowed out so late!). Everyone was surprised at the turnout. I would be guessing around 200 which is less than we usually get on a Sunday but from my position on the altar (with confirmation from some friends) most fo the churchgoers weren't regulars. In fact nearly a majority no-one had ever seen before. Why they chose to attend Midnight Mass in the Traditional Rite, I have no idea except to say that if I was one of those once or twice a year Catholics I'd be wanting to make sure that one Mass was up to scratch!

Not many of the servers made it up again for the 9.30am Day Mass however all the chior were present and again were fabulous. And the general numbers of parishoners were still high.

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