Saturday, December 23, 2006

Midnight Mass

I noticed a whole lot of hits coming in through Google with people searching for a midnight Mass in Adelaide. So here is a shameless plug:

Midnight Mass (that is 12 midnight)
Church of the Holy Name
80 Payneham Road, St. Peters.

It will be celebrated in the Traditional Roman Rite with (there can be no doubt) a beautiful chior.


Anonymous said...

Christus natus est! God bless you, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your blog very much: keep up the faith. Are you studying for the priesthood?? If so, then I wish you every best wish and blessing.

Can you tell me how have so many young people re discovered the beautiful traditional "Tridentine" liturgy? 20-30 years ago you guys would have been hung, drawn and quartered.




Thanks for your comments pontificance. I'm not studying for the priesthood and as you may be able to tell I have varied interests in politics.

How have so many young people re-discovered the traditional 'Tridientine' liturgy? Firstly, they haven't 're-discovered' it rather because of their age simpyl discovered it. It's such beautiful liturgy and easy to fall in love with.

I think the numbers are there because of word of mouth. There are so many that attend a traditional liturgy that interact in more conventional Catholic circles as well that it comes up in conversation regularly.

It normally starts with: "So which parish are you from?" and then of course follows questions such as "Latin, how do you understand it all" etc etc.