Monday, December 04, 2006

Personal Update

Happy New Liturgical Year. The blog has been dead quite for a few days. Why? The Test Cricket is in Adelaide! For a detailed analysis of the match please visit my post at the Recusant Cricket Club. This will simply be a personal account.

I got to the ground with my Polish Cricket Umpire mate just before the gates opened at 8.00am to rush with the crowd to get a decent seat in the members. Problem was that a couple of thousand others had the same idea – match starts at 11am… Anyway, we managed to get a couple of decent seats near the back of the Edwin Smith Stand at about a 30-40 degree angle from the line of the
pitch. We reserved a couple of seats next to us and just sat there for 3 hours waiting for play to start. (We had two newspapers to it wasn’t too bad).

We had a few beers throughout the day and hung around after play for a while out the back enjoying the atmosphere. Saturday morning we got to the ground at 7.30am to have a crack at getting some prized seats in the Bradman Strand. We managed some seat right behind the bowler’s arm where you can see the turn off the pitch. Only problem was that it is in the sun from about 12.30pm – 4pm and I got badly burnt. I blame the Civil Engineers and Architects…

I took it very easy on Saturday with the drinking and left when play ended. I made it to play late on the 3rd Day due to Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Michael McCaffrey FSSP who was visiting from Canberra before he moves to Sydney.

So I didn’t get a seat and spent much of the day out the back watching play on the big screens. We watched a bit from time to time and even spent the last half hour of play on the famous Adelaide Oval Hill in the middle of the Barmy Army.

Today I had a University Council meeting all day but will be at the match again tomorrow to see the end of one of the least exciting matches played in Adelaide in the last 10 years. The first pic is the view from just left of where we were in the Bradman Stand. The second is an action shot and the third is among the Barmy Army.


Anonymous said...

Now cricket mania has subsided, i'll say HAPPY ADVENT!

Every blessing
Maria in the UK

Miss Monification said...

You know, my brother Anthony and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Adelaide to watch the Cricket. We have a particular desire to sit on the grass!!! We usually go to the Boxing Day test but that sold out this year before I even thought about it, so it looks like I’ll have to get my end of December tan somewhere else this year! Ahhh well, such is life.